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Dear mom, are you too busy? Too much on your plate? Too little time? Between kids, work, housework, endless loads of laundry, meltdowns, cooking, cleaning, sports, and social engagements, it's hard to find time to spend in the word, exercise, and much needed time for selfcare.

Throw in stress levels being at an all-time high make finding guilt free mommy time to work out, eat healthy, read scripture, and feel refreshed seem impossible.

But isn't spending time in the word, exercising and eating healthily important?

It's easier than you think. Try the 24-Hour Christian Challenge for FREE. It's the best way to get back on track to reading the word, eating healthy, getting some exercise and increasing energy!

You got this!

Give me the 24-hour Christian challenge

Why 24-hours?

Because we want to show you feeling healthier doesn’t have to take a long time, while it can, it doesn’t have to.


You will walk away feeling accomplished, motivated, and ready to tackle the challenges of the day ahead in just 24 hours, yes... 24 hours

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What is it?

Uverse Fitness – is the exclusive place for moms to open up and share their 24-hour experience with other busy moms

24-Hour Challenge – designed to get you motivated and moving, feeling better and healthier in just 24 hours, yes really, in 24 hours

Who is it for?

Busy moms who are tired of being out of shape, that want to feel youthful not exhausted, and moms who know they need to be healthier.

How it works?

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